It strikes again

Well, boredom strikes again. So I’m just gonna blabber to you guys about what I’ve been thinking. If u don’t want to loose 2 mins of your life, don’t read on.

You know, people judge and people are judged. Have you ever wondered how others saw you?
Would u change yourself to please them? Or just to make them happy?
Would u go the extra mile to make your enemies love you?

Well. I judge. Quite harshly really. My opinion can really change the way I act around a particular person or group. But really, I try my ultimate best to go against that feeling, and to actually communicate the people I don’t want to hang out with.. And so, I push on and push on. Not saying I am some saint. But really, I try my best not to make that person feel ‘unworthy’ of my friendship.

Then, I realize that, that person doesn’t really know and appreciate the amount of effort I actually put in. And so I go on this downward emotional spiral of self pity.

“Why do I even try”

So then I take refuge in the word. John 13:14

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.

This verse probably explains itself. We have been put in this world to serve. Without exceptions. And if I complain, wouldn’t that be going against what God has ordained?

Then I ought to make it right. To change myself, and the condition of my heart. To be more submissive and humble.

And so I encourage you guys to do the same too, to go ahead with your life as humble and submissive human beings as I try to do so too..

Thanks for reading. Sorry I’m not sorry that this post is more of a mummy lecture more than anything.

Peace out deuces.


Im learning how to sign!

Hello guys!

i just thought it would be appropriate to share with you guys that I’m learning American sign language. It’s amazing, and I’ve picked up about 100 words already 🙂 I recommend anyone to learn it cause, firstly, you can gossip about people in front of their faces 😀 (duh?) and also to learn a new ‘language’.  (aannddddd.. i kinda need a sign language buddy too)

Well, pity me. hehe

Peace out deuces.

The 10 strangest sounds heard on the TED stage

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[ted_talkteaser id = 1804]What is possible with the human voice? Beardyman asks in today’s talk. He demonstrates with at least fifty manipulations of his voice – from a dog barking to the two-tone singing of a monk. “I was always trying to extend my repertoire of noises to be the very maximum it can be,” he says.

On his quest to know all sounds, he ran into a physical wall: the limitations of his body. So, with the help of DMG Audio and Sugar Bytes, he created a larger mouthpiece — a real-time, live production machine that would allow him to create the music as he imagined it, without constraints. With it, he is able to embody the whole of Pink Floyd using only his voice.

As weird and quirky as Beardyman’s voice (and all forms of his voice) might be, it may not be the strangest sound heard from the TED stage speakers. Here, more sounds –…

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4 talks on a strange phenomenon we all experience: consciousness

I like stuff like this. Its so- Mind eff-able. Its. Intriguing.

TED Blog

John Searle studies consciousness — which, as he points out in today’s talk, is a “curiously neglected subject in our scientific and philosophical culture.” Curiously — because it is, after all, a pre-condition for anything else we think about. And yet neglected — because consciousness is a subject that makes scientists huffy (they see it as something subjective) and that makes philosophers uncomfortable (since it speaks to the mind and body being of different realms).

In this talk, Searle lays out a simple way to understand this complex phenomenon: as a condition of our biology. As he puts it, all states of consciousness are the result of neurobiological processes in the brain. “Consciousness is a biological phenomenon like photosynthesis, digestion or mitosis,” he says. “Once you accept that, most though not all of the hard problems about consciousness evaporate.”

Watch this fast-paced talk from TEDxCERN as Searle debunks…

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