my jam.

my jam.

Robin thicke. guys. this song is the definition of groovy.

Hey hey hey 😉

Peace out deuces.


haters gonna hate

haters gonna hate

This photo is mainly self explanatory. I’ll let you guys figure it out yourself.


Peace out deuces.

4 talks on a strange phenomenon we all experience: consciousness

I like stuff like this. Its so- Mind eff-able. Its. Intriguing.

TED Blog

John Searle studies consciousness — which, as he points out in today’s talk, is a “curiously neglected subject in our scientific and philosophical culture.” Curiously — because it is, after all, a pre-condition for anything else we think about. And yet neglected — because consciousness is a subject that makes scientists huffy (they see it as something subjective) and that makes philosophers uncomfortable (since it speaks to the mind and body being of different realms).

In this talk, Searle lays out a simple way to understand this complex phenomenon: as a condition of our biology. As he puts it, all states of consciousness are the result of neurobiological processes in the brain. “Consciousness is a biological phenomenon like photosynthesis, digestion or mitosis,” he says. “Once you accept that, most though not all of the hard problems about consciousness evaporate.”

Watch this fast-paced talk from TEDxCERN as Searle debunks…

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Our little secret


Our little secret.It started on twitter,
When I commented on his picture,
He replied “How cute?”
I said “I’ve seen cute-r.”

From a little spark to something so strong,
There was nothing he could do wrong,
He was my best friend, Mr Unicorn.
He was the song I would sing on and on.

It all was perfect. A perfect secret.
Stored away. In time something I’ll regret.
To my parents the love i shared with him was unheard of,
It was all perfect. The hidden little secret.

I shared with him my first kiss,
And a week later it was only a reminisce,
Due to the carelessness of keeping our precious secret,
From that day our love was no longer a bliss.

July 24, today and a month from then,
I pray for him to forget the memories that will never happen again,
It was all a mistake, my mistake.
For thinking that we had a future, something we thought of then.

The memories and times i never will forget,
Some things i will never reset,
Now i have to turn the page.
Being thankful for all we had, for our little secret, ours that we tried so hard to keep kept.

An Impromptu poem! Written in 5 minutes. Not the best. My grammar and everything is all crap. Forgive me.

Summing things up, the guy who i dedicate this poem to was a great guy, one of my best friends 🙂 we were technically together for about 9 months when my mum found out about ‘us’, She didn’t agree on it at all. I don’t blame her. I would’ve chopped my sister’s or even daughter’s head off if i found out they went behind my back kissing some boy I don’t know about. My mum wanted to keep me pure and away from ‘wordily nonsense’ for as long as she could, but this was (I have to agree) cutting it too short.

Hope you guys like the poem :/  i tried. give me credit.

Peace out deuces.

Quote time!

“How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot,
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned;” – Alexander Pope

“you can erase someone from your mind. But getting out of your heart is another story” – eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (the movie) 

Yes, i just went all “quotetatious’ on you, but this is a highly recommended movie. I could watch it again and again. I love it to bits. and i hope you guys will too 🙂

Peace out deuces. 


Nothing new. I’m just bored, I can’t seem to find anything more to do in this closed up juvenile centre (my house). It’s all good, parents are good, siblings are good. There just hasn’t been any drastic changes to my environment, and yes, I am bored. 

Soooo, I decided to make a change, I’m deciding to change a rule made in my condo, “no guests allowed the pool”. Which shouts “NO SOCIAL LIFE”- I’m not gonna invite friends to this boring brick structure when the only fun thing to do is go to the pool. which is now confiscated of its only use. So yeah. I’m making a stand. Yay! go me!

Peace out deuces. 


An hour into this whole blog thing and i feel like a loner. 

I just realised that only ‘old people’ write blogs. I’m 15 and I believe I’m half of the age of the median age group on this site. 

Shouldn’t I be on tumblr or something?