Our little secret


Our little secret.It started on twitter,
When I commented on his picture,
He replied “How cute?”
I said “I’ve seen cute-r.”

From a little spark to something so strong,
There was nothing he could do wrong,
He was my best friend, Mr Unicorn.
He was the song I would sing on and on.

It all was perfect. A perfect secret.
Stored away. In time something I’ll regret.
To my parents the love i shared with him was unheard of,
It was all perfect. The hidden little secret.

I shared with him my first kiss,
And a week later it was only a reminisce,
Due to the carelessness of keeping our precious secret,
From that day our love was no longer a bliss.

July 24, today and a month from then,
I pray for him to forget the memories that will never happen again,
It was all a mistake, my mistake.
For thinking that we had a future, something we thought of then.

The memories and times i never will forget,
Some things i will never reset,
Now i have to turn the page.
Being thankful for all we had, for our little secret, ours that we tried so hard to keep kept.

An Impromptu poem! Written in 5 minutes. Not the best. My grammar and everything is all crap. Forgive me.

Summing things up, the guy who i dedicate this poem to was a great guy, one of my best friends πŸ™‚ we were technically together for about 9 months when my mum found out about ‘us’, She didn’t agree on it at all. I don’t blame her. I would’ve chopped my sister’s or even daughter’s head off if i found out they went behind my back kissing some boy I don’t know about. My mum wanted to keep me pure and away from ‘wordily nonsense’ for as long as she could, but this was (I have to agree) cutting it too short.

Hope you guys like the poem :/ Β i tried. give me credit.

Peace out deuces.

5 thoughts on “Our little secret

  1. It was an awkward way to tell people how you’ve met him. Who would have known twitter can make 2 people fall so much in love?

    Honestly, what are the chances of a girl so beautiful like you falling over a guy over twitter? Not much at all. He got lucky and he was a very very lucky man to have had a chance to hold your heart, your hand.

    Everything seemed to be going so well for the two of you. It was his mistake at first for not obeying your parents during the earlier stages of your relationship. If he had done it. all this wouldnt have happen. As time past, he fell deeper and deeper in love with you. And I’m sure you felt the same.

    He loves you so much he made plans for the future. He’s future together with you. Planning to end his gap year on the right day so he can come home and spend your birthday with you. Planning to move to Santa Monica. And even study in Melbourne so the two of you won’t be apart

    8th of June, your first kiss with him. At your rugby match. Hugging goodbye before you leave to your game. During your hug he said ‘shall we?’ And kissed you. He would never forget the 21st of June and the list you have created with him.

    The memories the two of you shared, the times of up and downs, he will miss you and it would take a very long time for him to get over you. He misses you very much and I’m certain of that.

    There is always a place in his heart that would always be open for the girl he fell so much in love with. The girl he would marry if he and you were older. That girl is you. You,Alia Marie Badrul.

    9 months isn’t very long but it was the most amazing and unforgettable 9 months he had with you. He would have spend his entire life with you.

    You know who I am. Your best friend. Your lover. Your past. Now just in memories inside you head.

    Good bye for good now Alia. And thank you for all the memories. And thank you for teaching me the difference between grin and grind.

    I miss you now and I will miss you even more. Promise me you’ll take care of yourself and do no let anyone hurt you. To the next guy that crosses your mind. He is one very lucky man, and I hope he would take good care of you as opposed to what I did.

    Manly tears run down my cheeks as i am writing this to you. This had never happened before. I know this would probably be the last time I ever talk to you. So I’m trying to make the most out of this.

    For the last time in my life. I would like to say that you’re beautiful Alia. You have sexy lips no matter how much you deny it.

    I’m sorry Alia,

    Aunty, if you are reading this. I do sincerely apologize for all the secrets that I’ve kept from you to keep this relationship I have with Alia. Please forgive me. And forgive Alia, it was my fault and my fault entirely for all of this to happen. Your daughter is an amazing person. I’m sorry for taking away Alia’s first kiss without your knowledge. I shouldn’t even have dated her. I was going against you and it was the wrong thing to do. With my mistake, all this have had to happen. Please forgive me.

    And alia

    I will always be here for you Alia. I’m only a call away.

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